Creating green communities

The new green spaces at Wealdcross are thoughtfully integrated into the existing landscape, enhancing wildlife corridors, protecting ancient woodlands, creating new country parks, planting new trees, and adding 4.2km of hedgerows.


We will also create an inviting green framework for people to walk along mown pathways through wildflower meadows, or to cycle through the park. The landscape is not just for residents to enjoy all year round, it is also vital in providing food and habitats for native British Wildlife.


We believe that any project we take on must be delivered with an emphasis on sustaining and developing the surrounding wildlife, currently, the A24 forms a huge barrier between Climping in the South and St Leonard's in the North.


We will create West Sussex's first pedestrian-free Green Bridge (one of only four in the UK) that will connect the 4.2km of new hedgerows we are creating with the Knepp Estate and the farmland beyond.


The pedestrian-free Green Bridge is a £5m investment, funded solely by Thakeham Homes.



Our Biodiversity Principles

In an area which is currently used for intensive agriculture we will implement our Biodiversity principles, developed with Surrey Wildlife Trust, to ensure that a 20% biodiversity net gain is delivered as an intrinsic part of Thakeham's industry leading zero carbon placemaking.

leaving the planet in a better state than we found it

What does biodiversity net gain mean? It means that we use a government-approved methodology to demonstrate how Wealdcross will create more habitats than it's current condition. This work is supported by expert ecologists and landscape designers, no greenwash, just leaving the planet in a better state than we found it.


We are proud to have a history of reaching out to The Wildlife Trust, and working with Surrey Wildlife Trust to develop our Biodiversity Principles, with a Thakeham development in Surrey being independently assessed to have delivered a 41.38% biodiversity net gain.

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