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Thakeham looks strategically at the way each development touches the community; always ensuring that the wider community is in a better place than before building began. As a place maker first and foremost, our commitment to improving communities means that we are design and infrastructure led. This means we ensure that roads, schools and community facilities are delivered early on in the development process.


Earlier this year, Thakeham Homes was awarded a five-star customer satisfaction rating for a second year in succession. The HBF (Home Builders Federation) National New Homes customer satisfaction survey is the industry's most rigorous independent survey. Building some of the highest quality homes in the country is only the start.


At our development at Woodgate, Pease Pottage we over-delivered £7 million of road improvements before completing the first houses, to ensure the road network was ready. The mix of housing includes bungalows, starter homes, family houses and affordable homes in a variety of styles.

Our promise for Wealdcross

Wealdcross will offer a range of off-site highway improvements. up and down the A24. This includes a new northern access junction serving as the main site access, together with a new southern access junction at Buck Barn as secondary access, improving traffic flow on the A24. We are also looking at junction improvements from Washington, up to the Great Daux roundabout on the A24, and all junctions in between.


Wealdcross will deliver policy-compliant affordable housing for local people. This is about giving young people the chance to achieve their dream of home ownership, for the families on the housing register aspiring for better accommodation, the homeless taking their first steps into secure housing, the opportunity for older people to downsize. Wealdcross will deliver a mix of homes for everyone in Horsham District.

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