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Thakeham's zero carbon placemaking principles are designed to promote emission-free travel. Where longer car journeys are needed, all homes will have electric car charging points to support the shift to electric vehicles, while reducing the impact on air quality.


Thakeham already installs fast charging units for electric vehicles in all new private-build homes. These new units enable electric cars to be charged more quickly than regular household connections, and allow residents to control charging remotely using a smartphone app. Thakeham is partnering with leaders in the field to reduce barriers to zero carbon transport.


Thakeham specialises in maximising Biodiversity Net Gain. Put simply, this means there will be higher quality habitats for wildlife than the current state of the land at Buck Barn. This is calculated using the government-approved methodology, and validated by independent ecology experts.

Our promise for Wealdcross

As part of encouraging a sustainable future, all homes will have fast car charging points and we will provide a £3,000 incentive towards an electric car on house purchase, and further incentives for e-bikes too.


Wealdcross will also be the place for greener travel, with interlinking cycle routes and secure cycle storage for apartments and houses. There's a pedestrian-friendly village centre, and the new primary and secondary schools on-site means car use is greatly reduced. When people want to travel further afield, Wealdcross will also be integrated into the local bus network.

Wildlife at Wealdcross

Local wildlife is centremost in our thoughts too. Wealdcross will enhance the environment with a 20% improvement in biodiversity, including 4.2km of new hedgerows as biodiversity corridors, and acres of new country park, bringing people closer to nature.


In a milestone for Sussex, Thakeham will also build a much-wished-for £5m pedestrian-free green bridge over the four lane A24, buffered from the development to eliminate any disturbance. The bridge takes inspiration from best examples in the world, including the Scotney Bridge across the A21 in Kent. The Wealdcross green bridge is designed with the best features to help connect wildlife and bring biodiversity corridors from Climping in the South and St. Leonard's in the North one step closer to reality.

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