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Less than 20 minutes away from Wealdcross, the new £4 million Woodgate Primary School opened in September. The 210-pupil school at Pease Pottage in West Sussex includes five classrooms, a main hall, library, multifunctional space and a special educational needs room. This partnership between Thakeham and Abri has saved a local school threatened with closure, and completed the school three years before the final homes will be built. The £4m primary school represents a contribution of more than £2.7m in excess of the required provision of £1.3m.


Elsewhere in the county, Thakeham is proud to invest in sport locally and are the main sponsors of Horsham Rugby Club, Atlantis Swimming Club, Billingshurst Cricket Club, and a range of sports teams across Sussex.


Thakeham's legacy doesn't stop with grassroots sport. Educating future generations on the importance of wildlife and biodiversity is another focus for us. Thakeham is committed to playing our part in halting the trend of children becoming dissociated from their natural environment.


That's why Thakeham runs a cross-curriculum package for lower Key Stage 2 pupils called 'Eddie and Ellie's Wild Adventures' built around a children's book. This is a fully-funded programme that we have created with education experts and are delivering across schools.

Our promise for Wealdcross

School run congestion will be eased thanks to a new secondary school and two new primary schools. (Currently students travel from Southwater to Crawley). Thakeham will gift a new indoor sports hall and mixed use 3G/4G pitches for schools and the local community, together with a new country park and village green. Of course, school children throughout Wealdcross can also look forward to the Eddie and Ellie programme which will be delivered in the new schools.


Looking ahead, in 20 years' time the trees will have grown taller and children will have grown up at Wealdcross, but our vision will have created a place that offers a truly rare quality of life.

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